Saturday, September 20, 2014

Community Tax- for people who just find speaking for themselves too scary a thought to bear

I really love the dramatic music that accompanies this ad- I found it so compelling that I called and signed up with Community Tax within thirty seconds of hearing it, despite owing the IRS exactly no money.

"Calling the IRS can be stressful...." so don't do it- call Community Tax instead, and pay them to handle the super scary grown-up phone calls that have you stressed.  Of course, that super-stressful phone call most likely would result in the creation of a repayment plan* you can deal with (and that would relieve you of your stress) but as implied earlier, the really grown-up thing to do is to hire someone to take care of the spooky stressful phone call stuff until you are old enough to make your own phone calls.

Because after all, if you were mature enough to make a phone call, you probably wouldn't be in trouble with your taxes in the first place.  And if you were averse to hiring someone to do something you can do yourself, you'd probably have the money to pay them.  Child.

*"In many cases, we may even request a Stay of Action."  Wow, really?  That almost sounds bold and decisive until you actually read the sentence.  There are no fewer than three qualifiers in that 11-word statement.  But it SOUNDS great....

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