Friday, September 5, 2014

At least I can say I didn't help pay for this

1.  Someone wrote this commercial, and got paid to do it.

2.  It's entirely conceivable that whoever wrote this commercial is actually proud of the work they put into it.

3.  I have no idea why this commercial exists, or why it would convince anyone to buy State Farm Insurance, consider purchasing State Farm Insurance, or would associate State Farm Insurance with anything except brutally annoying ads that insult our intelligence.

4.  Every time I see one of these ads, I'm reminded that I no longer own a car, and how happy I am that that is so.  Not just because I have an amazing amount of extra money every month (I had no idea what a costly enterprise it is to own a car until I gave mine up) but because I don't have to feed the giant monsters that are the Car Insurance Industry.  Makes me feel all warm and clean inside.

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