Sunday, September 21, 2014

I just saved you maybe $50. Send that check to....

The Catch Caddy is just another As Seen On TV product that I can't believe I didn't invent like thirty years ago- or at least, that someone else didn't invent like thirty years ago.   It does absolutely nothing that a towel shuffed in that space won't do, and you can use a towel for absolutely no money, and because you already have one, shipping is free.  Heck, if you do it right now you can double your Catch Caddy fun and use TWO towels, and shipping is STILL free.

By the way, the only thing I ever lost in that "black hole" area of my car were french fries, popcorn, and a little loose change, all of which was taken care of with a vacuuming now and then.  I'm pretty sure that french fries, loose change and popcorn have magical properties that would allow them to avoid any Catch Caddy and end up on the floor anyway.  But I PROMISE you that they will NOT be able to avoid the Amazing SuperTowel method.  Order Now!

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