Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The apple didn't fall far from the tree....

(Not that anyone in this house would know what an "apple" is....)

Ugh, it's got a family.

And that family is just as obsessed with Wendy's cruddy fast food as it is.  Too obsessed to wait for its boyfriend to show up before beginning----umm--- "dinner."  Or to introduce themselves to said boyfriend.  More like "oh, this is why we bought an extra chicken sandwich.  So this can eat it."

It's pretty cute, but I think it would be a real charity if it's parents DIDN'T love this guy and he was thrown out of the house and leave Loony Daughter With the Horrible, Learned Eating Habits alone.  His heart may be broken, but only in the poetical sense.  In the actual physical sense, his heart will thank him later.


  1. You can imagine the conversation at the agency, can't you?: "Let's humanize our mascot by making her part of a family of people so gauche and graceless, they too eat nothing but our depressing, greasy food. We'll still call her 'Red' though because we're too dim to think of a name for her."

    1. She's better-looking that Flo, but at least we see Flo actually doing things that don't directly involve selling insurance. This wretched woman's entire life revolves around one fast food chain- you get the feeling that if her local Wendy's shut down, her reason for being would vanish and she'd have to move.

    2. In real life, someone that obsessed with a particular style of depressing, joyless and bad food would be someone to avoid.

    3. Besides being at least forty pounds overweight with heart valve issues and diabetes by now.