Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dominos Health Insurance doesn't cover repetitive stress injuries- oh, did we forget to tell you that?

I couldn't find it on YouTube (if I do in the future, I'll replace this clip with the actual ad) but anyone who has watched any football or baseball this fall knows that Dominos is running an ad "celebrating" the fact that one of it's underpaid minions is actually taking pride in the fact that he can give himself carpal tunnel syndrome in the service of his corporate masters (I really like the "pretty good" this guy gets from the choad with the stopwatch- excuse me, iPhone with stopwatch app.  Warms the heart.

Seriously- Advanced Box Folding For The Cameras has become something of a fad for the Dominos ad people, and you can bet they couldn't be happier.  "Look, everybody- our Pizza Artists make minimum wage and work rotating shifts and are learning no skills that will make them more marketable in other endeavors that DO pay better- but check out how fast they can make boxes, ain't it cool?"

Maybe they should ad sound effects- like a whip cracking, or a manager warning "hey, Bob in third shift makes boxes faster than you are-- and he's got a cousin looking for work...just sayin'......"

But in the meantime, let's all "enjoy" watching Dominos employees working for slave wages frantically proving to the Boss that he really doesn't have to invest in that automated box-folding machine 'cause See I Can Go Faster I Promise.   Or rather, you all feel free to enjoy it.  I'll be too busy mourning the death of shame at the hands of Capitalism.  Again.

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