Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oh good, 'cause I wasn't dying fast enough!

Not only did I not think that this qualified as "big news," I was actually kind of surprised that Pizza Hut hadn't already been stuffing bacon into the crust.  I mean, it seems a pretty obvious idea to me.

I also don't get why it's a big deal because we've always been able to get pizza with bacon as a topping.  Why is stuffing it into the crust an improvement- all it means is that it's harder to pick out once you remember that Oh My God This Is Poison I Don't Want To Eat This What Was I Thinking?

And I guess I'm supposed to know who the spokeschoad is- this Youtube posting has his name and everything.  But- I don't have a clue.  Oh well, I'll try to feel bad about it later.

(Oh, and I included the Taco Bell "I'm Ronald McDonald" Taco Bell Stuffed Greasy Crap in a Waffle Commercial just in case the first one didn't make you want to punch someone in the face, hard.  No need to thank me.)

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