Friday, October 3, 2014

Which of these ads is more offensive?*

If you were a kid watching the Orioles-Tigers game this afternoon, you were treated to both of these ads, sometimes back-to-back, at least half a dozen times over the course of just about three hours.

I'm no prude, but if I were a dad watching the game with my son, I'd be pretty irritated that I was being compelled to jump for the damn remote if I didn't want my kid being inundated with mental images of guys achieving (or failing to achieve) erections, their drug of choice being Viagra or a LookAtMeMobile.

This kind of crap makes me long for beer and Be A Man Drive A Truck commercials.  Ugh.

*As it turned out, neither of these ads was the most offensive part of TBS' presentation of the playoff game.  That honor goes to it's decision to go right to an episode of American Dad instead of the postgame press conference.  Way to keep it cheap, TBS.  Tools.


  1. Oh, yes. Let's bring on the multi-untalented Seth MacFarlane and his cookie-cutter cartoon crap-fest.....

  2. You know what? Remember back a few months ago, when I commented that Viagra was interestingly not featuring any women or any sexually suggestive stuff in their ads? Well, that went out the window, didn't it? It's as if their ad agency read my comment and said "So, she thinks we're too chicken to actually use a hot chick in our ads talking about sex, eh? We'll show HER..."

    *sigh* Bring back the guy trying to fix his overboiling car radiator. Please.