Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And the summer hasn't even started yet....Nissan should pair with Advil.....

This ad is running FOUR TIMES between each inning during tonight's O's-Phillies game- back to back, then a break for another commercial not quite as obnoxious, then back to back again.  Seriously, we need to reconvene the Nuremburg judges, because this has got to be a war crime.

God I hate you, Nissan.  Are you really going to pound this moron hick's screeching into my brain until Labor Day?  Do you really hate me that much?


  1. Wow, these people are going to be so disappointed when they buy one of these Nissans and find out they're not going to be able to drive it like this on regular roads. No screaming like they're on a roller coaster. No thrills. Just driving along the road. Bor-ing.

    1. the only way this ad ends well is if the screaming hick ends up as a damp spot on the freaking wall.