Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chevy Presents another episode of "Tomorrow, The World."

At the end of this noxious pile of dung, one of the kids is so delighted at her ability to finish watching a movie while sitting in the back of an automobile that she hugs the car.  You know, like she probably hugs her mom and dad and favorite pet.  Because hey, the car comes with WiFi which means you can watch a movie while riding around in it.  What could you possibly love more?

And let's all pretend that this about the kids, and not jackass adults who want to be able to send email and watch movies and update their Facebook pages while maneuvering through traffic.  Because paying attention to the road?  That's so Pre-WiFi In the Car.

But these children ARE the future, which means that we are setting ourselves up for a generation of adults who will EXPECT WiFi in the car, just like they now expect it in airplanes (not just airports) and restaurants and coffee shops and everywhere else.  They'll tell THEIR children that there used to be these things called "Hot Spots," which meant that there used to be places without internet access, and they'll all struggle to understand the concept.

Civilization is coming to an end.  It was fun while it lasted.  Sometimes, anyway.

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