Saturday, June 6, 2015

Nissan's summer of pain continues

1.  This is a series of commercials featuring these same two guys bantering for several minutes at a time while cruising around in a Nissan.  No, really.  It's a series.

2.  Read the comments, I dare you.  The people who wrote them actually share the planet with us, the Sane Ones.   These posters are the biggest tools on the planet- one of them things these guys should have a reality show.  Another thinks that specific parts of the "conversation" between the two "stars" are actually "funny, " even "adorable."  I'm not kidding.  Check for yourself.  I hope that every day, their parents thank them for posting using fake names.

3.  This four-minute lump of Obviously Made-For-YouTube steaming dung almost made me appreciate Nissan's current Made-For-TV ad campaign - you know, the one featuring drooling rubes screaming their fool heads off with excitement at the experience of driving around in- a Nissan.  Almost, but not quite.  Because at least this dreck is only on YouTube.   The Hicks Yelling Woo Hoo commercials are on my television twenty or thirty times an hour during every baseball game, almost impossible to avoid.  I hate you so very much, Nissan.


  1. Anybody who thinks these guys deserve a reality show has a really low threshold as to what they consider "entertaining." I mean, it's two guys driving somewhere, exchanging stupid banter that's supposed to be "witty." It isn't. You can derive just as much entertainment from watching any two guys you pulled off the street riding around in a car.

    Oh, and don't you love the explanation that every one of the buttons in the car has a function? No kidding. I guess that's why they put them in the car. I guess they had to say that overtly, though, to clear up any confusion as to whether Nissan includes any buttons on their car dashboards that are purely decorative.


    1. Their banter is only witty compared to 99.99 percent of comments posted on YouTube.