Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My neighborhood for the next seven weeks....

I arrived in Vermont just after noon yesterday for a summer of mowing lawns, country hikes, swimming, Mountaineers Baseball (New England Collegiate Baseball League, Champions in 2006 and 2007) a week at the ocean and the wedding of a sister.  Except for the wedding, it's part of a ritual I've been practicing since my parents retired and moved back here in 1997.  I actually kind of like the humidity of the DC area, but it's certainly a lot easier to sleep when temps drop into the low-60s every night.

Anyway, we don't have 7-11s around here.  We have this place- Cumberland Farms, or just "Cumbys" to the locals.  Cumbys has pretty much everything you can find at a 7-11, including cheap iced coffee.  Like 99 cents for any size iced coffee.  It's actually pretty good- certainly worth 99 cents.

But this commercial is still pretty stupid- not for the reason the poster suggests- I don't think it's especially "sexist," because I don't think it makes men look especially stupid.  Like the guy at the end says, "you would have done this for any of us."  It's not the Big Stupid Guys falling all over themselves to save the Little Lady's iced coffee- it's that the iced coffee is so awesome that it would be a tragedy if it were to spill.  But that's what make it stupid- the iced coffee is 99 cents. If it fell on the ground, she shrugs her shoulders and goes back in and gets another one (in fact, if the store is in Vermont, chances are the person in the counter tells her "oh, that's too bad- just pour yourself another one, don't worry about paying again, honey."  Because people are kind of like that here.)

I mean, it's not like this woman is walking out of Starbucks with a $7 Venti Frappacino.  I can totally see people diving to save that from hitting the pavement.  That's not an impulse buy- that's an investment.

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