Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Wells-Fargo Ad that has bigoted morons freaking out

Every once in a while I have to comment on a commercial I like.  This is one of those times.

I like it first of all because of the message- yes, Couple doesn't mean what it used to, and there is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with that.  The deaf child in this ad is about to get two loving parents, and she's quite naturally thrilled with the idea.  So am I.  Very cool.

I also like it because of the impact it's had on Franklin Graham, heir to his father's Empire of Hot Air which has capitivated an army of slack-jawed, drooling alleged adults for almost seventy years now with it's promotion of fairy tales featuring more magic, spells and monsters than all of the Harry Potter books put together.

You see, when Franklin Graham heard about this ad, he went ballistic on Facebook (oddly, Franklin doesn't think that Facebook is a tool of the devil- my guess is that his accountants have explained to him that while there's a lot of "immorality" and "sin" in Social Media, there's also a hell of a lot of money, too, so....) and announced that he would be moving his ill-gotten fortune built on the backs of ignorant, frightened rubes from Wells Fargo to BB&T Bank.  Take that, Wells Fargo!  That will teach you to promote Understanding and Diversity instead of sticking to what Graham found perfectly acceptable- taking advantage of prospective college students and home owners with high interest-rate loans financed by a 2008 government bailout!

"Problem" is, BB&T bank isn't exactly what Graham would consider a "right-minded" bank when it comes to homosexual rights (I refuse to use the term LGBT Rights- that's a phrase allegedly high-minded Liberals like to throw around to lump anyone who isn't "straight" into a single group for their own convenience.)  Specifically, BB&T Bank has been a regular sponsor of the Florida Gay Pride parade, and even once financed the building of a chapel in one of it's banks so that two gay employees would have a place to marry.  Oops, sorry, Mr. Graham.

Here's my suggestion, you wizened old Jackass Who Has Never Held An Honest Job In His Life Yet Is Richer Than The God He Claims To Worship- stick your money in a large number of coffee cans and bury them in the back yard.  Or just spend it on charitable pursuits (you know, like you claim to be doing when you aren't flying around the world in your own jet or relaxing in one of the mansions you built to "reflect God's glory.")  Of course, I don't expect for one minute that you'll adopt one of these suggestions, because hey, money is money.  Much more likely that you'll find a bank that isn't Openly Non-Hating and try not to notice that it doesn't quite share your medieval bigotry.  Because being a Hater for Profit only works if you're willing to keep your eye on the Profit part.


  1. Never saw this commercial before. Love it. You'd think that a guy who I believe is very much against abortion, and who must have some awareness of how difficult it is for older kids to find someone who wants to adopt them, and how difficult it is for kids with a disability to find someone to adopt them, and therefore must be aware of how doubly difficult it is for an OLDER CHILD WITH A DISABILITY to find adoptive parents, would be delighted with this commercial, which shows just such a child embraced by such parents. And they are shown working very, very hard to make sure they can communicate with her and help her understand how much she is loved.

    But noooooooo. I guess if it is two mommies rather than a mommy and a daddy that this little girl is getting, it's all evil and wrong and stuff. Better to make her spend her entire childhood as a ward of the state, shuttled from one foster home to another maybe, until she ages out, then unleash her on the world as an adult who's never known a stable home with loving parents. And a disability that means the lack of consistent support in learning how to make it on her own in the hearing world will be even more keenly felt.

    Yeah, that's the ticket. At least if you're Franklin Graham, I guess.

    1. the question the "concern trolls" always ask is "can't we agree that the optimum situation for any child is two loving parents?" To me, the answer is "yes- and the more loving adults a kid has in his life, the better off he is."

      But these jackasses really do believe that a single parent, or two parents who are always fighting and/or neglecting their kid, is infinitely better than two scary, icky gay parents. Fortunately they are dying off and being replaced by a much more sane, enlightened generation.

  2. As for his finding a bigotry-friendly bank, good luck with that. The one percent doesn't give a fart in a high wind about who sleeps with whom as long as they get all the money.