Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coke, Pepsi, Battery Acid, Whatever- which one is offering concert tickets?

I guess the message of this ad is that Coke and Pepsi are interchangeable; there is absolutely no reason to choose one over the other that has anything to do with taste.  People just randomly buy Coke or Pepsi depending on which one is closer, or which one is more convenient to pick up without having to stop taking selfies.

The message also seems to be that if you do accidentally choose Pepsi, you'll be given concert tickets.  I guess.  Because the idiot who congratulates herself for her wise if not completely random choice seems to think that "eligible to win tickets" equals "won tickets."  And she's supported in this odd theory by her less-fortunate friend, who darn it chose Coke, probably because it was the machine not being accessed at the moment she decided she wanted a soda because her friend was buying a Pepsi.  That friend got nothing but a bottle of Coke with a name on it which is not even hers.  Oh, and 12 ounces of Coke, which I guess doesn't amount to much when compared to a very slight chance of winning concert tickets.

As it turns out, Prematurely Thrilled Pepsi Drinker was not being premature after all- she really DID win concert tickets, and there she is having a great time with the Pepsi she just purchased (that's quick turnover on prize redemption, way to go Pepsi!)  Her friend?  Well, she's left with her Coke.

Which brings me back to my original thought:  Coke and Pepsi don't taste the same, at all.  If you like Coke, would you really buy a Pepsi instead if Pepsi was offering concert tickets to every 10,000th purchaser?  Isn't the whole point of buying a soda drinking the freaking soda?  Not to these women, I guess.


  1. I like each about the same, but I kind of hate cola in general. RC is about as close to good as I've tasted. I'm more into A&W Root Beer, Vernors, or fruit things.

  2. I had had the misfortune to be sucked into one of these "go online to see if your code won" contests Pepsi did back in 2005. You had to "register" your email to check, and (no surpise) I won nothing. I had the same yahoo mail account from 1990, and was barely getting any spam email at all at that point.
    Within the week, I was getting a thousand spam ads and climbing. I started using the email address block feature. when it exceeded 500, I had to start blocking whole domain names rather than individual addresses. Today, I have all 500 allowed address blocks in use and still get 2500 spam ads a day.
    Go to H@#l, Pepsi.

    1. Like the ten thousand or so "Fun" Facebook Quizzes that have this one extra "give us your email address to get your results" step- no thanks, I have better things to do than set up spam filters and delete trash.

  3. Great. Another of these scams. Most of the time, you end up with something useless like a frisbee.