Saturday, September 12, 2015

Filling the vacuum left by this Jimmy Johns ad

Sometimes there's so little to the actual commercial, I find myself looking for things that simply arent' there- or, more accurately, things I'm probably not supposed to be thinking about or even noticing.

There's really nothing to this ad, except that it takes about twenty seconds for it's writer to get us to the "so fast you'll freak" punchline.  In that twenty seconds, we are supposed to aborb a few things without even really considering them--

1.  This fat, ugly man-child has landed himself a hot girlfriend....meh, it's television.  Nothing new there.

2.  Seeing a bloody zombie made the fat man-child think about ordering food.  My guess is that he's never answered "no" to the question "are you hungry?"

3.  The hot girl is apparently leaning toward answering "no," but then she thinks "JimmyJohns."  Maybe a better motto than "so fast you'll freak" is "what you want to eat when you aren't hungry but your fatass man-child Seriously Why Is This Guy Your Boyfriend partner is thinking about food AGAIN."

4.  In the middle of the day, this woman is so frightened at the sight of a zombie that when she sees the JimmyJohns delivery monkey appear outside her sliding glass door, she faints.  Um, wouldn't this scene make a LITTLE more sense if it was at least DARK outside, instead of noon?

5.  I don't know why this woman is so suprised.  From the look of this guy she's hooked herself to, she should be pretty used to his ability to make the transition from "I'm kind of hungry" to having fatty, crappy fast food in the blink of an eye.

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