Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Peyton Manning sure has a lot of time on his hands- not to mention a lot of space for more rings.

"Does Peyton ever talk?" Yes, he is talking all the time.  He kind of has to talk, considering that he's the star of roughly 80% of all commercials running during NFL games.

The better question is "Does Peyton ever do anything else?"  And the answer is, "yes, he sure does.  Very often he likes to take a break from starring in commercials to kick back, relax, and watch Tom Brady win another Superbowl Ring."

Which leads us to one more question: "Who is Tom Brady?"  And the answer is "he's the quarterback of the New England Patriots.  You might not know much about him because he doesn't star in a lot of commercials- he leaves that to guys like Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers, and other quarterbacks who don't regularly win Superbowls.  If you want to see Brady playing a starring role on your TV, you have to wait until February.  Then you'll recognize him- he's the guy holding that big trophy."

"Peyton Manning?  He's the guy shilling for pizza when the network cuts away from Brady holding that big trophy."


  1. I don't care for Brady. He's a Trump supporter.

    1. I disregard the political and religious leanings of people in sports, I had a lot of practice while rooting for Curt Schilling when he was with the Red Sox.

  2. Oh, this provides me with yet another reason not to like Peyton Manning. He's plugging Papa John's. The owner is a conservative jackwagon, so it doesn't surprise me if he's also a Trump fan.

    The other commercial Manning is in that I hate is the DirecTV ad in which he portrays both himself and "Really High Voice Peyton Manning," which takes potshots at guys with high voices AND barbershop quartets. Stay classy, Peyton!

    *sigh* I wish I could disregard sports people's politics better than I do. But give me credit--no matter how annoying Curt Schilling is (and as an Indians fan I'm allowed to dislike him as a player too), I stuck up for his daughter when assholes were attacking her online. Because I don't care who anyone is, they shouldn't have to put up with that crap.