Sunday, September 13, 2015, really, Samsung?

Here's another "hilarious" commercial featuring Real Young Parents dealing with their Real Child and succeeding brilliantly because they've invested in an expensive product with a feature you never thought you actually needed (and actually don't, unless you are as demented and frightening and frightened as these Real Young Parents.)

The "Code Red!" Young New Dad is yelling about as he runs down the stairs of his Spotlessly White Enormous HouseTM is instantly recognized by his partner in crime, Young New Mom.  Seems that the Center of Their Universe Now That They've Successfully Produced Their Contribution To The Next Generation spilled juice over her favorite stuffed animal.  Not being a dad myself, I can only imagine the horror that has gripped New Young Mom and New Young Dad once they realized that their Precious Gift From Heaven is experiencing a certain level of discomfort.  I mean, even PGFH's backup favorite stuffed animal isn't available-- this is an emergency!!

Fortunately, Young New Dad and Young New Mom have Samsung's state of the art washing machine which features some kind of instant wash option, so PGFH will not have to wait more than a few seconds to get her toy back.  And family harmony will be restored until something that can't be solved with expensive technology pops up.  Maybe it will drop her ice cream cone.  Maybe Young Family will find itself in a traffic jam when PGFH really really really doesn't want to be in the car anymore.  Maybe the store will be out of PGFH's favorite flavor of Pediasure.  God help us if there isn't an App for that.

If this is a "Code Red," what will these frightened idiots call those problems?


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  2. I'm impressed that Samsung is getting away with calling a built-in sink "Activewash." If they didn't have this expensive little addition to their washing machine, what would have prevented dad from using the sink?