Monday, September 26, 2016

Bet you Corona thinks this one's clever, too.....

1.  The poor alcoholic in the first frame can only afford to buy single cans, but doesn't notice that one has gone missing- and I guess won't notice until she gets home and realizes that she's going to have a very rough night without that third can of cheap beer to stave off the DTs....

2.  The magic rolling Corona can is SO magic that it does something that no can has ever done- it manages to roll several inches on a dry beach.  Sure, that happens.  Uh huh.  And if you leave a sandwich out unattended the seagulls will realize it's not their property and totally leave it alone, too.

3.  Is it too much to ask that beer companies just go back to showing us people actually drinking their product and having a good time doing it?  This is stupid.  The only way this ad comes even close to redeeming itself is if we at least get to see the guy who opens this can get half of it sprayed in his face.  Instead, we are supposed to believe that the Obviously Lukewarm Can of Cheap Beer was mistaken as one brought to the beach party.  If that happened, I have to believe that the partiers are already seriously buzzed from the consumption of alcohol of a much higher quality.

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