Friday, September 9, 2016

Even Geico admits that their ads are painful

The current version of this mess cuts into the "action" ten seconds in and skips to the "hilarious" punchline, with the two oddly-still-alive (I mean, for fishermen) mounted on the wall of the fish' hunting cabin?  Whatever.  So someone in marketing figured out that the original version, embedded for your displeasure here, is about as interesting as, well, fishing itself.

The long version also reveals that the makers of this commercial have a pretty good grip on what it means to be a fisherman- its pretty much a pointless "activity" featuring what is politely referred to as "patience" being exercised by "sportsmen" but what is more accurately described as "an incredible waste of time" being carried out by "losers" with "no reason to wake up tomorrow."

Oh, and who are tempted by the sight of TV dinners floating around in a lake.  Seriously?

In conclusion, the only thing more depressing than actual fishing just might be this commercial.  And the only thing more depressing than this commercial is reading the Youtube comments and realizing that some people actually enjoy it.  Ugh.

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  1. There's an even more depressing thing: people get paid to make these things.