Sunday, September 4, 2016

She'll be asking you to buy fruit the next time you go out for cupcakes unless you stop this madness now, parents!

1.  Apparently asking that a salad be included in the family's takeout pizza order is akin to declaring martial law and shutting down the newspapers.   All this girl does is ask "we're getting salad, right?"  She doesn't threaten anybody.  She is just suggesting that along with the greasy, disgusting warm box of sugar and carbs the High School dropout is going to bring in the next hour, maybe he could include something slightly more healthy?

2.  The sluggish, atrophied family reacts as if the daughter has suggested that the annual trip to Disneyworld be cancelled and the money donated to Oxfam.  The mom especially responds with body language which could be translated to "oh my god where the hell did you come from because you are NOT the product of MY upbringing!  If you were you'd be opposed to the delivery pizza idea because you want a bucket of KFC instead!"

3.  I can't be the only person who noticed that the makers of this commercial found a freakishly-thin young woman to play Crazy Salad Eater.  "Haha, look at the weirdo who wants vegetables, she's like a stick and she thinks she's healthy!"  Meanwhile the pizza-eaters look normal by comparison- they aren't morbidly obese.

4.  Are there words to describe how depressed I am that wanting a salad to go along with the junk is being portrayed as oddball behavior which can now be tolerated-sort of- only because Dominos now sells salad?  If there are, I can't come up with them right now.  I'm in the mood for pizza, though.  Won't be calling Dominos because as far as I can tell, they aren't really in the pizza business.

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  1. Think for a moment about how sexist this whole series of ads is.

    It's always females who want a salad--either a teenager or a grown woman or a group of women.

    Why do you suppose this is, pray tell?

    While these females are depicted as somehow just getting some sort of natural charge out of their attempts to poop everyone else's pizza party, I would venture to say it's because there's pretty intense social pressure on women to "eat healthy" so as not to gain weight. So, while all the guys are more than happy to pork out on pizza, the women must spoil the fun by saying "But I want a SALAD." Killjoys!

    The mother in this commercial is actually a refreshing exception to this rule, by that light. She's throwing her head back in despair that her "Dinner Dictator" insists on eating leafy green stuff. Wow, a woman who admits she likes pizza! A traitor to her sex!