Thursday, September 1, 2016

Living the Dream with Pringles

I suppose that when the internet and cable are down and you don't have a single book in the house and you absolutely cannot actually stand to be with the people you find yourself with, and are absolutely determined not to go outside and actually do something, an "activity" like this might appear attractive.

But if none of those situations exist, the only excuse for doing anything like the people in this commercial are doing is if the Zombie Apocalypse is underway and you are all just counting down the hours in your bomb shelter.  If that's the case, I suppose making duck lips using Pringles might just qualify as an event in your private End of the World Olympics.  I mean, it's certainly a lot safer than actually consuming that crap.

As for the people in this ad- I don't care how much you've always wanted to be on television, or how persuasive your agent was in convincing you that appearing on behalf of Pringles in a commercial that required you to act like a brain-damaged child might lead to an actual acting career.  Nothing could be worth the loss of your self-respect, which can never be regained.  I hate you and I hope you all die in a fire very soon.*

*And that goes for all you glue-sniffing morons who upvoted this commercial.  I'm so grateful we aren't related.

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