Friday, February 10, 2017

Cookie Do. Less Solution, More Problem

Maybe the only thing the fattest nation on the planet needs more than another McRib season:  the perfect dessert to grab on the way home from another trip through the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Remember when eating cookie dough was something little kids did when there was some left in the bowl mom had used to mix it know, make cookies?  Remember when eating large amounts of raw cookie dough was something comedy show writers imagined that heartbroken young women and single young men did because they were damaged or just plain infantile?

Of course, those were the days when watching hour after hour of television was seen as the last refuge of the friendless loser.  Today we buy cable packages which allow us to record thousands of hours so we never, never have to STOP watching tv, and gazing at it while sitting on buses or walking down the street is seen as perfectly normal, even desirable.  So, overflowing waffle cones stuffed with cookie dough?  Just par for the course.

I'm buying stock in pharmacutical companies that specialize in insulin tomorrow.  My comfy retirement is assured.


  1. Isn't eating raw cookie dough considered a health hazard, as the heat from baking kills parasites and bacteria present in the ingredients?

    1. Yep. My guess is that this "cookie dough" doesn't include raw eggs. Which means it's not actually cookie dough.

  2. They say the eggs are pasteurized, which I gather is to kill the salmonella one might otherwise get from eating raw eggs, and the flour is heat-treated, which I gather is to kill any potential E. coli, which is another form of bacteria. As for parasites, I don't see how those would be an issue. Just bacteria. But you can bet this place wouldn't be opening if it ran any risk of getting in trouble with the health department.

    As to the thrill involved in eating raw cookie dough? On the whole, I'd rather go to the place that serves a million kinds of rice pudding. Now THERE you have me.