Thursday, February 16, 2017

I want to be a "Social Media Manager!"

Seriously, it sure looks to me as if Lilly has just landed the easiest job on the planet, if it really does consist of sending out one-sentance alibis to disgruntled customers she doesn't even have to talk to. She even has Grammarly to help her- meaning that she quite literally needs no expertise at all to do her "job" (when the network goes down, she has absolutely no clue- yet it's apparently her "job" to respond to customer complaints that the network is down and to reassure them that someone- certainly not her- is working to fix it.  Please explain to me why an automated system couldn't do what she's doing, and much faster?)

And yet, when the day is over, she's asked if she had a tough day.  Holy crap, if that was a tough day, I wonder what an easy one looks like!


  1. Wow, whee, what a dumb ad!

    So this is Lily's tough job...tweeting out apologies when a server is down and an app doesn't work...and the toughest part about it is ensuring the tweet has no grammatical errors, because Lily obviously wasn't hired for her verbal facility, given that SHE CAN'T SPELL, GRAMMARIZE OR PUNCTUATE FOR SHIT.

    Why, exactly, WAS Lily hired for this job? Because she has fingers? Because she can see when a word changes color and thus alerts her to her mistakes? Whoopee. You're right. An automated system--or a trained monkey--could do this job better than Lily can. Pathetic.

    1. I'm guessing that Lily is fresh from college with her Art History Degree and is the daughter of someone important in the company. Those student loan bills don't pay themselves.

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