Friday, February 24, 2017

We are, on the other hand, right on par with Mexico.....

At least we can be assured that the people coming across the border looking for a better life won't turn on the tv for the first time in their new American home and instantly sneer at the poor quality of our commercials.  Not if this is any example of the junk they are currently being subject to back home.

Heck, I can see commercials like this as one of the reasons why people would flee to the United States.  Sorry, Dreamers- we may have more job opportunities, but our ads are just as rank and insulting.

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  1. The fact that this ad has to do with phones and is set in a laundromat reminds me of one of the more irritating ads of last year's baseball which Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals haunts a guy doing his laundry, asking him "Why aren't you streaming my game?" (answer: his lousy data plan) and taunting him by saying things like "Maybe I just hit a walkoff bomb!" (Let's not even ask ourselves why a faithful Nationals fan who really cared wouldn't make sure he got his laundromat visit out of the way before a game so he could stay home and watch it on TV rather than having to eat up phone streaming on his data plan.)

    Now, it'd be one thing if that ad only ran while the Nationals were still in postseason contention. But it kept on running well after they were eliminated, right through to the end of the World Series. By which time it really looked stupid for Bryce Harper to still be pestering a guy with tales of the heroics he MIGHT be achieving in a game Right. This. Minute. And for the laundry-doing fan to be so terrified that he was missing out.