Wednesday, March 27, 2019

United Healthcare steps on its own message to knock down men

Mommy is sensible and calm as she notices something that looks odd to her about her baby. She takes advantage of her awesome United Healthcare coverage and has a video chat with a Real Live Doctor in the middle of the night because she can do that 'cause United Healthcare coverage.

This is all very straightforward and effective and to the point.  Every parent has had moments of concern with a newborn.  Wouldn't it be great to have access to instant peace of mind through your Smartphone?  Of course it would.  And you can get that through United Healthcare.  Important message, well-delivered, cut to credits.

Oh but no, of course we can't just have a clear and simple commercial which effectively sells a product to a worried mom.  We have to throw in a bumbling doofus dad who almost gets himself killed in the very complicated act of Backing Up In a Darkened Room.  See, it's FUNNY because while baby is just fine, DADDY is now hurt and is perhaps in need of medical assistance himself.  The clear, consise and effective message is tossed aside for a cheap sight gag because nothing trumps the Stupid Dad Being Stupid trope.  NOTHING.

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