Sunday, March 31, 2019

Blatantly Sexist Credit Karma Ad

The couple in this ad have better credit.  What's the solution?

The GIRL in the couple must negotiate a 17% raise (no problem- she gets the raise.  She must be absolutely vital to the business.  I've been a teacher at the same school for 24 years.  When I go in to negotiate a raise, I'm thrilled when it matches the rate of inflation.)  The GUY in the ad has to get his debts in order.  Message: Only one person in this couple has a credit problem which is keeping them in the girl's dad's basement.  It's the guy.  He's an anchor on this girl's dreams of a house of their own.  So she has to make more money in order to drag his sorry butt out of debt, because she married his debt.

This is going to take a while, because the GUY keeps making stupid purchases to demonstrate that he's still a child who doesn't know how to handle money.  He brings home a guitar he purchased without talking it over with his significant other first.  She responds by rolling her eyes.  She does that a lot.  Stupid guy.  He's so lucky to have her. He's not good enough for her.  She lowered her standards for him.  Obviously.

Their credit rating goes up, and after an EIGHT MINUTE INSPECTION (Seriously, WTF?  That part only makes sense if the GUY went to look at the house BY HIMSELF) this couple agrees to buy a house.  The next day their mortgage is approved, and just in time 'cause look the guy got the girl pregnant which kind of explains why she's willing to put up with this loser who has no money sense.

I guess we're supposed to be all happy at the end because two actors in a Credit Karma commercial managed to buy a house.  Not quite sure why.  And we're supposed to believe that they got the house in spite of the guy's efforts to sabatoge the whole thing.  Very sure why.

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