Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Another Awful Indeed Ad

Hmmm...just a thought:  Maybe if this kid with stupid greasy hair wasn't just sitting or laying around his parents' house with a stupid blank zombie look on his face, his parents wouldn't have jumped to the perfectly reasonable conclusion that he was being an unmotivated sponge.  Maybe they wouldn't have been so frustrated if he had been oh, I don't know, doing his own laundry or vacuuming or just TALKING TO THE PARENTS WHO WERE PROVIDING HIM WITH A PLACE TO STAY, MEALS, AND LAUNDRY SERVICE instead of acting as if moving back into your bedroom meant that you also got to revert to being a helpless child who needed caring for again.

Based on the way this commercial ends, I guess the parents are supposed to feel super-guilty for ever doubting that their stupid little spawn was actively looking for work by staring at his phone.  Like they owe him an apology for being irritated that their adult son was being totally uncommunicative about his job-hunting strategy.  Like they should have just ASSUMED that he was working really, really hard to land that position that would allow him to go back to being a functioning adult. 

But when you really think about it, um, No.  This creep is being an ungrateful little ass toward his parents.  He spends the entire commercial behaving like a guy who thinks his parents should be able to read his f--ng mind and somehow just KNOW he's working really hard to get the hell out of there (and ignore the silence, that stupid blank look frozen to his face, and that awful greasy hair.)  Also, he doesn't get a job at the end- just invites to attend interviews.  I know from experience that interviews don't pay the bills.  Hold off on that apology, parents.  And for chrissakes, stop doing this jagoff's laundry for him. 

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