Sunday, October 27, 2019

What the heck is going on in this Nissan Rogue Commercial??

So in this Nissan ad, we see that TrophyWife's job 24/7 is to protect her daughter from her mentally deficient Child-Husband and his determination to remain a giggling preteen when playing with their offspring.  TrophyWife has resigned herself to respond again and again with exasperated shrugs and occassional "WTF?" looks in response to Boy-Man's dangerously clueless attitude toward safety when it comes to his daughter.

(Though, seriously- I think TrophyWife might be a bit anal when it comes to her daughter's safety.  What exactly did she think would be the horrifying consequence if Daughter had crashed into the kitchen trash can?)

BTW, why doesn't TrophyWife just do the driving if her husband has proven again and again that he's a dangerously useless moron when it comes to...well, just about everything?  Is it because Women Don't Drive When Hubby Is Also In The Car Because Reasons?  Oh no wait, I know the real answer:  It's because Hubby can't screw up and give Mommy another reason to grimace, roll her eyes, or otherwise express her bemused disappointment at his inability to do ANYTHING right if Mommy is doing the driving.

One more thing:  Seriously, what is it with this guy?  From one angle, I see a guy who seems to be suffering from some weird mental problem which prevents him from doing anything but grinning and laughing, like he's a very small boy trapped in the body of an adult.  From another, I see a Father enjoying the time he's spending with his daughter who he recognizes as being made of actual flesh and bone and not crystal and therefore refuses to share his Insane Harpy Wife's constant fear that daughter will suffer injury if not kept perfectly still and wrapped in cellophane.   So What the Serious F--k, Nissan?


  1. Good call. That bit with the kitchen garbage can puzzled me too. I mean, maybe she'd get a slight bruise on her back, whereas the expression on Trophy Wife's face is that her kid would die of massive internal injuries on contact. Is the garbage can made out of titanium or something?

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