Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Taylor Swift is Just Regular Folks. This has something to do with Capital One, I guess.

See, everyone?  Taylor Swift is just like you and me, performing  low-paying jobs badly and having a good time doing it, because if she gets fired well like I said she's just like you and me and she'll be doing her best to make ends meet while she seeks out another low-paying job.

Yep, it's just so adorable to see multi-millionaires slumming it to the delight of their fans, doesn't it?  Maybe Taylor can show up at my school and teach a class or two, failing adorably at that, too.  It would make her even more gosh-darned relateable, if that's even possible.  Meanwhile, there's seriously nothing more delightful than watching someone who makes more money in an hour than the people who actually work at the jobs she's cosplaying at make in a year pretending to be Just Another Struggling Laborer, don't you think?


  1. I find this rather grimly delightful, actually. Were it not for her good fortune and knowing the right people, she'd BE this drone. She's Lynn Johnston but younger and thinner.

    1. I forgot to ask if the background music is really one of her songs because if it is....oh my god, that's just hideous.

    2. Yeah, that's her "song". And I agree wholeheartedly.

    3. So just another inexplicably popular "singer" better described as a "performer." Got it.