Friday, October 25, 2019

More Questions for Aaron Rodgers and State Farm

1.  Who the hell has a "favorite State Farm Agent?"  Who has a "favorite" insurance agent at all?

2.  What kind of horrifying crapshow is the life of Aaron Rodgers if he "takes his favorite State Farm agent wherever he goes?"  Man, if you have to bring your insurance agent along with you everywhere, you probably should be locked up as a chronic danger to society.

3.  Rodgers is also constantly checking his policy on his State Farm App in these commercials- another huge red flag.  Good lord man, what the hell are you doing that requires you to constantly check on the status of your freaking insurance?

4.  When are Packers fans going to get sick of every season featuring endless Aaron Rodgers Insurance Ads but no Aaron Rodgers in the Superbowl?  Seriously, guys- priorities.  Is Rodgers insured against consistent failure in the playoffs?  I'm sure he doesn't know offhand.  Time to check that App for the 300th time today!

5.  There's a "Subscribe" button for State Farm Insurance Commercials.  Who the hell would subscribe to be notified whenever another one of these steaming piles of dumb is released on youtube?  As if being beaten over the head with them all weekend during every football game isn't enough?

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