Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maybe he has money?

Ugh, can you believe this? Somehow an emotionally detached 8-year old living in a 25-year old's body has landed a hot girlfriend, despite the fact that he's quite vocal about the fact that he's not at all interested in her beyond her ability to be a warm body on the couch while he plays with his electronic toys.

So to shut her up (he practically says this out loud) he got some bundle plan which landed her an "ok play with this and leave me alone" phone and got him a new "this helps me ignore the fact I've got a hot girlfriend" toy.

"She likes the fact that it brought us closer"- um, it did? Oh, you mean physically? Because she's willing to sit next to you while she plays with her phone and you ignore her? Clearly the guy doesn't mean closer emotionally- because there's no emotion being emitted from this juvenile, callous little runt. None.

"I love you" Hot Girlfriend mews desperately. "I love you" Coldhearted User responds- and then turns to the camera and takes advantage of her deafness- or lobotomy- by adding "Playstation."

I guess this guy's sneering dismissive behavior toward his girlfriend's sad need for a boyfriend- ANY boyfriend- is supposed to be funny. I guess his "love" of Playstation is supposed to be typical. And all of this put together is supposed to make us fans of the company that made this advertisement. Well, if I was a selfish jerk with ice-water in my veins, or if I were suffering from arrested development and was still into video games after the age of 16, or if I were BLIND and didn't notice I had this HOT GIRLFRIEND WHO JUST TOLD ME SHE LOVES ME curled up on my couch, I guess I could relate to all this. But I'm not any of those things, so this kind of crap just repels me.

Now, if the girl responded in a way which demonstrated that she has any dignity or self-respect, that would be SOMETHING. But the guy who wrote this dreck wasn't going to let that scene survive the final cut.


  1. My oldest child will be 22 soon. A year ago, she finally moved out and moved in with her longtime boyfriend. Good guy and all. So, they've been "together" for over two years and have been living together for almost a whole year now. As in, both their names are on the lease. They share a couple other bills (like Internet and I think something like Netflix). Now, granted, it isn't marriage, but that's a pretty big commitment.

    Last month, she finally caved in and got an iPhone with him. She'd been fighting making the switch to an iPhone because she was happy with our cell phone company and she had whatever the smartphone is from our company that isn't an iPhone. But, they got an incredibly good deal on the plan and in the long run, saving money is important.

    She posted on her Facebook that she and her boyfriend had gotten iPhones together. All of her friends posted their coos and tuts about it being "aww, finally, a commitment!" or "ooooh, now you're gonna break up!" As if having a cell phone plan together was a bigger commitment or somehow more important than, you know, sharing a home.

    I'm not even going to touch the guy in the ad. Neither should his girlfriend. Ick.

  2. Pahz, I announced that I was deactivating my Facebook account the other day, and I had "friends" acting as if they would never see or talk to me again, like I was dying or something. People are really strange these days.

  3. I agree; it's like back in my father's time when people were Ford People, Chevy People or Chrysler People. Nowadays, the same need to turn a product or service into an almost-religious affiliation has been transferred to communcations devices, service providers and social networking sites.

  4. I think that to a lot of people today, having Facebook is like having a cell phone- "What? You don't have that? How do you keep in contact with people?"

    In 2002 I broke down and bought a cell phone, because the apartment I moved into wasn't wired for a land line and I wasnt' going to pay to have that done. Last year, I broke down and got a Facebook account- I don't regret it, because a few of the most wonderful people in the world, whom I had lost contact with, got back in touch (but really, why did it take Facebook to do that? They knew where I was...) A few people responded to my closing my Facebook account as if I had told them I was dying of cancer, or had decided to exit society and go live in a cave somewhere.

    I hope nobody ever asks me what kind of "gaming system" I own or how fast my cell phone downloads stuff. Could get weird.

  5. As a male and a gamer (hell as a human being) this ad is amazingly insulting. Though I kind of found the comment "if was still into video games after the age of 16" quite condescending. I get it video games are not a substitute for face to face interaction with friends and loved ones and I agree with that but I see the problem with liking video games. I've got a decent job, a girlfriend (who I love to spend time with, unlike to chod in the comercial), and friends (who also love to game) but that doesn't mean we are self absorbed shut ins that can't function without a PS3 Dualshock 3 or a 360 controller in out hands.