Saturday, November 12, 2011

All that stuff about wanting Realism in Commercials? I take it back!

The pathetic thing about this ad is that it's really supposed to get us to want to run out and buy this service. Presumably because everyone would love to have a "family" like this one, in which

--Daughter paces endlessly back and forth, spitting textspeak gibberish (OMG!") into what looks like a phone, except that it has this white curly wire attached to it- what IS that thing, anyway?

--Son turns on the tv and is instantly delighted with whatever happens to be on.

--Dad does his best Ward Cleaver impersonation on the recliner, except that instead of reading the evening paper he's naturally gazing lovingly at the screen on his laptop.

--Mom and Dad exchange self-satisfied nods and eye rolls. I have no idea what they are supposed to signify. Is it "gee our kids are weird?" Or maybe "Gee it's awesome that our kids are so easy to please?" I have this sinking feeling that it's actually "isn't it great that we are all together." Because seriously...

This is what a "family room" is supposed to look like? Everyone doing their own thing, distracted by electronics, with the closest thing to actual communication coming from silent nods, glances and eye rolls? Really? This reminds me of a commercial during Christmas a few years back- before I started this blog- which showed everyone in the family "celebrating" the holiday by keeping to themselves, playing with some stupid electronic toy. Maybe that one was a little sadder because hey, it was CHRISTMAS. But this "family time" crap from RCN is just plain sickening- where's the "family" here? I just see four individuals doing their best to pretend the others just plain don't exist. And a soulless, heartless cable company trying to sell this as somehow wholesome and worth emulating.

And why is this family packed into such a small space anyway? No extension for that phone, so daughter can have some privacy and not drive everyone else insane with her pointless chatter? Is that the only television in the house? Oh wait, I forgot- this is the "family room" and this is "family time," which nowadays means nothing more than "this is the time when the people related to each other who live in this home must stay in the same room." Because the family that does unrelated things in the same room stays together, I guess.

I hate you, RCN. Almost as much as you clearly hate us.

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  1. The only thing that would make things perfect is if these dolts were named Patterson; it's odd to say this but we should praise Lynn Johnston for showing us what commercials would be like these days.