Thursday, November 3, 2011

Because there's nothing more annoying than steady work!

I can SO relate to this ad, and I'm sure most of my audience can relate to it as well. Who among us hasn't experienced the hassle that comes with being hired for a gig which ends up taking much longer than you thought it would?

And all the headaches that such a situation creates- bigger paycheck, longer time away from the unemployment line, time that could have been spent sitting on the couch watching tv wondering where the rent money was going to come from....I think we can all agree, days and days of work with it's attached salary is a royal pain.

And the unexpectedly extended bouts of non-unemployment always involve jobs like the one this woman has- on some glamorous, exotic foreign site, surrounded by actors doing really cool things. This is SO like every extra job I've ever picked up- well, except that my extra jobs always involve afternoons spent tutoring or proctoring an untimed SAT, but other than the lack of cool locations and interesting people and ships blowing up, it really looks just exactly like this.

Ok, enough snark. I really don't want to hear any more pathetic "oh thank goodness I have this credit card which won't penalize me if I can't arrange a monthly payment because I'm being paid to be on some tropical island longer than I anticipated" whining from this woman. Hey lady, almost ten percent of the freaking country is UNEMPLOYED, and even many who have jobs are having a hard time wrestling with their credit card balances. I'm guessing that your "problem" isn't really connecting with a lot of us, or generating a lot of sympathy. I think we'd rather hear you say something like "I am so grateful that what I thought would be a three day job turned into three weeks, this will really help my bank account!" Or at least "It's so cool that what I do for a living gives me a chance to visit such interesting locales and meet with such fascinating people!"

And if you can't manage that, I'd advise you to just STFU. I'd tell you where you can put your Chase "Simplicity" (groan) card, but I'm way too polite to go there.


  1. I'd also like to know what planet this film is being produced on, where the budget includes building entire, actual ships and blowing them up until the director thinks the explosion is big enough. Or where the staff is expected to fend for itself when it comes to daily living expenses while on some remote location. I mean, please.

  2. You forgot to point out that while not having to deal with late fees is something useful for people working movies shot on location, that's not something Joe and Jane Public need and those who think it's so cool they won't have to keep track will end up suffering fourth-degree burns when Citi burns them with the flame throwers buried in the small print Jane and Joe didn't bother to read.

    The unrealistic budget is only one of many, many holes big enough to drive a fleet of eighteen-wheelers through side-by-side in this commercial. There are also the logistics of filming on location and shoots that run over, what's in the contracts about situations like this, and the rules and regs of the numerous unions everyone on the shoot belong to.

  3. I'd like to know what this extended photo shoot is preventing the woman from doing, beyond working on another photo shoot? Why does she seem so anxious to wrap this up- so she can move on to the next job and proceed to bitch about how much of her life THAT one is taking up? What's the freaking point?