Thursday, October 24, 2013

I notice too much for my own good

1.  At :10-- I guess the car would have sustained a lot more damage if this guy's garage door was made of something sturdier than tin foil painted white.  Or cardboard.  Or peanut brittle.  I'm almost curious enough to ask what the ad makers used to create that effect.  It would be a better question than the unbelievable "what is that song?" query posted by YouTube monkeys.  (No, I'm not kidding. There are people out there who didn't know this song.)

2.  At :15- either this car was parked on the sidewalk up against the building, or the owner of the AC unit tossed it from his window.  Because it makes no sense that it would just fall out of the window on to the center of a car parked in the street, unless we can't see that the window juts ten feet from the building.

3.  Can I assume that the guy standing on his car in the middle of a swamp is calling the police and not his insurance company?  Because first thing's first, stupid.  Get yourself on to dry land.  There's plenty of time to explain to your insurance company how you lost control of your car trying to pop open another beer while simultaneously texting your girlfriend that your wife isn't going to be out of town this weekend after all.

4.  My favorite part of all these ads is when we see the moron victim of the accident gesturing to explain what happened to the insurance agent.  What on Earth is he saying? "Yep, this is where I forgot there were bikes on my roof...this is where I spent half an hour getting together my equipment, climbing the tree, and cutting the branch with my chain saw without once noticing there was a car underneath it...yep, I'm a complete and utter tool and I fully expect you to cancel my insurance now, because hey, who could blame you?"

Oh, and btw- "we" didn't come up with the Theory of Relativity, so "we" don't get to take credit for it.  That was ONE human being.  By the same token, I have no interest in taking responsibility when one of the clueless knuckleheads in these commercials destroys a car through utter carelessness.  Get it?

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  1. I like the one where the football dumps the grill in the back hatch of the car at the football game. That must have happened sometime.