Monday, April 14, 2014

April 15 cant' come soon enough

It's bad enough that this ugly idiot's ugly mug is grinning at me from every freaking metro bus and every other freaking billboard in the DC area.  Now I have to watch him pretend to care about my money on TV ads too?

H&R Block doesn't give one flying damn about your refund.  It doesn't care if we "get our billion back."  It doesn't fight for us against the IRS or live to make our lives better by getting more cash in our pockets.  Like all tax preparation services, Block is all about convincing us to let them skim their share off the top.  If they can get us to take "Refund Anticipation Loans," all the better.  They'd love us to take our refunds in the form of gift cards, because they get a nice kickback from participating retailers.  But what they really want is to just convince us that taxes are Scary and Complicated and if we try to do them ourselves we are going to miss out on Big Money so we better let These Experts (you can tell they are Experts from the bow ties) who Care About Us And Our Money do our taxes because They Really Want Us To Get Our Fair Share.  WTF-ever, man.

Oh, and BTW- why does an old, bald white guy with no fashion sense spell "tax expert?"  Isn't it 2014 anywhere in TV land?

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  1. Last year Block had ads which featured three employees -- this guy, a black woman and a black man.

    I thought the other two were far more telegenic and engaging and persuasive about Block's services.

    So I wonder why it is that only the old white guy got the return engagement.