Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another Awful Subaru Ad

Ugh, come on.

Subaru has been making a determined effort to convince us that their cars aren't just cars but part of the freaking poetry of our lives for quite some time now.  The guy with the cheesy perm and faraway gaze in his eyes who pollutes this minute-plus bucket of pond scum is just another example of Subaru's apparently endless parade of mopey minions who credit their car with making their lives...well, with making their lives.

The worst part about these nuggets of nothingness is the conceit- we are really supposed to care about any of this?  Oh, and the fact that nothing ever happens in these ads which couldn't just as easily happen in any other model of car.

And the worst part about THIS particular commercial is the more-creepy-than-cutesy attempt by Perm Guy to snag a date with the woman who rear-ended him, and the fact that we are supposed to believe it worked.  I mean, come on.  Ick.

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