Monday, April 7, 2014

Well, at least they're outside. Still- Chex Worship?

Oh, and this doesn't seem to require the use of cell phones or tablets either, so maybe I shouldn't be snarking on this so much, but....

I think we can safely conclude that The Pearsons have completely run out of ideas for family activities, don't you?  I mean, they apparently devoted an entire afternoon to making a commercial about their favorite cereal brand.  Worse, they did a lot of it on their lawn, in full view of the neighbors....I hope nobody was trying to sell their house that day.  I can see the Century 21 lady trying to distract potential buyers who might not be thrilled at moving in next to these dipsy lunatics.

And just another pet peeve here- women who narrate commercials and refer to their families as "The Pearsons" or the "McCullens" or the "Smiths," etc.  I really hate when these people are so gosh-darned proud to have dumped their birth names overboard in order to better submerge their personalities with their husbands.  I'm glad I've lived long enough to see more and more women keeping their "maiden" (gag) names or at least using hyphens, and to more or less see the extinction of the obnoxiously awful "Mrs. Henry Jones" bit, but I really hope I live a little longer and get to see the day when it becomes standard for women to just keep their last names when they get married.  It's the 21st century, for cripes sake- women don't become the branded property of their husbands when they accept a ring, so what the hell are we still clinging to this stupid tradition?

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