Saturday, July 12, 2014

Oh get the F-- off my radio already, Jay Farner and Quicken Loans!

"If you're a homeowner who's faithfully made his mortgage payments, you deserve thanks for doing the right thing."  Um, huh?  Come again?

I'm a renter who faithfully makes his rental payments.  My landlady thanks me by not calling the sheriff and having me evicted.

I'm a cable subscriber who faithfully makes his monthly cable payments.  Verizon thanks me by not cutting off my service.

I'm a cell phone owner who faithfully pays his phone bill.  AT&T thanks me by--- well, I think you get it.

What the hell kind of pitch is this?  Why does someone who willingly takes on debt and then pays it back "deserve thanks?"  We don't pay bills because we are "faithful" to our creditors, Mr Jay Farner of Quicken Loans.  We pay them because we don't like the consequences of defaulting- loss of service or property and a damaged credit score.  Get it, you knob?

I thought that the "thanks" people receive from paying their mortgage payments was being allowed to continue to live in their houses.  Why isn't that enough?  Oh, right- because Jay Farner wants you to pay your monthly bills to him, and not your current lender.  Well, why can't he just SAY that, instead of elevating people who do what they are legally obligated to do to the level of Sainthood?

Ok, I am off to do some shopping now.  I intend to pay for the food I put into my cart.  No, I'm not Jesus- it's just the right thing to do.  Don't I deserve thanks?


  1. Exactly who does this idiot think he's fooling with this 'thanks' business. Most people aren't Elly Patterson and know that not going into debt is pretty much expected of them.

    1. Elly Patterson lives in a house because she needs a door to open and scream at her kids from.

      And she'll raise at least one kid to toss fifty bucks away to park his car, get talked into buying Valentine's Day gifts for everyone he's ever met, think that a drafty barn apartment is paradise because it's got a little room with a light bulb he can write his crap in.