Friday, July 4, 2014

This is how they buy cars in Notheastern Ohio, I guess

The woman in this ad was so impressed that a car salesman was willing to rush a sale because she "only had an hour" to get herself a new car that she agreed to do this testimonial.  Yeah, lady, that guy deserves a freaking medal- we all know that car salesmen would much rather go slow, talk you through each option, give you all the opportunity in the world to think it over, maybe even back out for now...


This car salesman tells us that he was in a mad rush to get the sale done because he "wanted to make sure she got to work on time."  Um, no, sorry, that's not how it happened.  It's more like "this woman is in a hurry, she wants a car RIGHT NOW, and if I can just breeze through this in less than an hour I'll have her signature on a piece of paper and her idiot body out the door before my first coffee break"- I'm surprised he managed to avoid the fist pump and "KA-CHING!" sound effect.

Seriously, I don't care what this woman's schedule is- this is NOT the way to buy a freaking car!  Get a ride to work for a few days, and go to the dealer on the weekend, when you have all the time in the world to bargain your way to the best deal.  I can just see this woman breathlessly dashing into this place waving her check book and shouting "I need a car but I've only got an hour, who do I give this money to someone PLEASE sign me up and give me some keys!"  The guy who closed the sale must have knocked down two of his colleagues to get to her.  She didn't even give herself time to test drive it, let alone check out the interior and all the bells and whistles.  I've had second thoughts about cars I've purchased after three hours in the dealership and another twenty minutes on the road.   How could someone with more than half a brain do what this moron does?

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