Thursday, July 3, 2014

While these cops were assuming the guy in the Audi was important.....

.....the shortage of motorcycle cops resulted in:

....several African-Amerian motorists managing to get to their destinations without being pulled over for Driving While Black.

.... several African- American teens violating social norms while flagrantly and blatantly walking through white neighborhoods without being "politely" asked what they were doing there by a cop.

.... thousands of commuters noticing that the ride home is much smoother and considerably less stressful when police don't use  their autos as pace cars to slow traffic down to a crawl.

... two convenience stores in poor neighborhoods being robbed because hey, Someone Important Needed To Get Somewhere And Needed An Escort.

All is forgiven, howeve, if the motorcycle cops cite the Suburban Douchenozzle for being a Suburban Douchnozzle and haul him in on a charge of Overbearing Self-Satisfaction Unbecoming a Human Being Living in Society.

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