Sunday, January 4, 2015

Because G-d F--ing forbid you ever, EVER put that stupid electronic toy down

Well, thank goodness you never, ever have to be "disconnected" from your fellow techno-addled jackass friends, because otherwise

1.  You might actually find yourself forced to have a conversation with the person sitting on the couch with you (the look on that guy's face says nothing other than "good lord, there has got to be something going on somewhere I can get in on and at least mentally escape this loser.")

2.  Someone somewhere else would not be treated to your Way Too Important To Wait "hey, whassup?" call.  (This must really make that other guy on the couch feel good about himself- his friend is hanging out at the house, they seem to be watching a football game- but he feels compelled to make an utterly pointless "hey, whassup?" call to someone else.*)

3.  Grandma might actually have to wait to see pictures from the family trip she wasn't invited on - "hey grandma, here's a selfy from the gondola during our ski trip, did we tell you we were going on a ski trip?  Well anyway here's a photo, so don't expect a call this week because this covers it."

*I was on Amtrak for all of fifteen seconds before the guy across the aisle from me made a "hey, whassup?"call on his cell phone.  Within another thirty seconds I had my earplugs, earphones, and portable DVD player going.  I used to read on the train.  That's pretty much an impossibility now, since the jackasses with rocks in their heads simply can't bear to be alone with their thoughts for more than a few minutes at a time.

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  1. Amtrak? How sad. Last time I rode the train was the pre-cell-phone era, and I remember how cool it was to actually meet people and talk to them and find out who they were and the reason they were taking the train (which you pretty much had to do back then on a two-day trip where they seated you for meals with strangers if you were traveling alone) and maybe even comment on the scenery with them. Guess those days are gone. Pity.

    I haven't been on a train trip west of the Rockies yet, but from what I hear, anyone who spends that trip staring at a screen or yakking on the phone rather than spending as much time as humanly possible looking out at the scenery is a certified idiot.