Monday, January 19, 2015

Ejector Seat Not Included?

When I first saw this ad, I thought it was a little progressive that it's the black couple that gets to be the smarmy, self-satisfied dicks in the front seat (and are the owners of the car.)  This is in sharp contrast to a Golden Corral commercial of a few years back, in which the black couple in the back seat literally hurl themselves on to the pavement to get away from their white "friends."

Then I noticed that the doofus idiot of the piece is still a pasty white guy, making a total jackass of himself by apparently not realizing that A)  it's not 1990 and GPS is available on pretty much every car- hell, my last Honda Civic had a Garmin, B) car companies have been pitching "don't pay attention to anything while you drive, your car will warn you before you get to kill anyone, just go on being a clueless smug moron" for quite some time now, and C) nobody likes nervous back-seat drivers- nobody liked them before cars had all these stupid bells and whistles, nobody likes them now.

Oh, and D- seriously, buddy, "you left your lights on?"  Has this guy been in a coma since the Clinton Administration?  It's almost impossible to accidentally leave the lights on in a car produced in the 21st century.  Ugh, what a jerk.  I suspect that the car owners enjoy his company because he's a constant reminder that They Are Better- even when they have to part with their precious car for a while.

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