Friday, January 16, 2015

Wow- even more obvious than usual, Chevy

Like a number of people who watched this commercial, I didn't notice at first that the actor who emerges from the building to get into the CompensationMobile isn't the same actor who initially walked into the building.  So I guess the message here is that a Little Boy in a Lame Car drove up to the building and was transformed into a Real Man (with Real Man Stubble)  Manhood Replacement Truck that gets him glances from cute girls in elevators.  He's even accompanied by better music when he gets into his Better Than A Car Because It Makes Me Feel Big truck.  This is all supposed to make us want to buy one of these things, I guess.

The last time I heard "Back in Black" accompanying a truck ride, Tony Stark was driving into a deadly ambush in Afghanistan.  It would have been fine with me if this commercial had ended the same way.

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