Sunday, January 25, 2015

So much wrong with this Credit Karma ad, but let's cut to the chase....

1. This insane woman is talking to a website she apparently went on deliberately and by her own choice.  And she's calling the website a "you."  Insane woman is Insane.

2.  Idiot friend/housemate/whatever is very familiar (or works for) Credit Karma, and quickly confirms that yes, you can get your Free Credit Score for Free, Look They Don't Ask For Your Credit Card Number.  Idiot friend knows what Insane woman is doing because remember Insane woman is talking to the website.  

3.  Idiot friend is not really a friend, otherwise she'd tell Insane woman that her credit card company will give her her free credit score anytime she asks without making her vulnerable to spam email, phishing, and otherwise being pummeled with advertising from the invisible cookies Credit Karma slaps on her computer.  Or maybe Idiot friend is just a really, really big idiot.

4.  Check out the house these people are living in.  They can afford a lot of space and a very good cleaning crew to keep it gleaming.  Their credit is just fine, thank you.

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