Friday, January 23, 2015

How can we tell that this is a fairly old commercial for Lowe's?

It's certainly not that the father is being a bragging doofus doomed to fail.  That's true in every commercial, and has been true in pretty much every commercial for the past thirty years.

It's not that the kid is a disrespectful, ungrateful little punk who is probably mortified at the thought of being seen with Dad on the front lawn.  Again, this is pretty par for the course.

Nope- the way we know that this is an old commercial (it's from 2008, according to YouTube) is that neither the Dad nor his son seems to have a cell phone in his hand.  What did people do with their hands back then?

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  1. Here's where I have to step in and say that while not all Lowe's ads are the greatest, the one with the title "How to Install a New Washer and Dryer with One Finger" is absolutely true. I know because I called them, ordered a new washer and dryer (paid cash, happily), and they delivered and installed them for free next day (I didn't have old ones to haul away; I bought them because I had hookups but no appliances to go with them). They even came equipped with the necessary screwdrivers to temporarily unscrew my screen door closer (to get the door open wide enough to bring them in) and remove the door to my basement (which they also had to do to get them through the kitchen). And when they were done, they put everything back together! I literally had to do nothing--just like the woman on the ad who says "Over a little this way" (I didn't--if they just hooked them up correctly I was happy). I turned them on, they worked, they're still working (and I hope they do for a long time). End of story.

    So, every once in a great while, good commercials do come true.