Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chevy Boldly goes where too many car companies have already gone before

Car commercials which wedge actual family issues and life-altering events and everyday humdrum moments that everyone experiences whether or not they own a particular car are quite the rage these days, aren't they?

I have absolutely no idea what ANY of this has to do with being "bold," because there's nothing especially bold about being an empathic human being dealing with a kid going through all of the banal struggles involved in growing up.  I know this guy wants a statue and a parade if he can't actually get his profile carved into Mount Rushmore because He Was There for a daughter he willfully created, but what he really needs is a good kick in the ass and directions back to the No Awards For Doing What You Are Supposed To Do Corner- at least, in my humble opinion.

So please, Mr. Bold Dad Who Wants To Convince Us That He's His Daughter's Hero- get back into your Bold Camry and hit the road.  Because, seriously- you're so full of helium, you must put lead in your shoes to keep you from bumping up against the ozone layer.

And please, Bold Camry Commercial Makers- give this smarmy, twee Slice of Life crap a rest.  No one is impressed by your idea of what it means to be "bold."  You seem to think it means "perfectly ordinary."  Which, come to think of it, is a lot better description of your crappy round-peg-into-round-hole cars than "bold" will ever be.

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