Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sears doesn't know what the word "possible" means.

"Doers:  They don't worry if something's possible, they just do it."

Um, come again, stupid narrator reading stupid script?  If they "just do it"* then it's been proven to be possible.  If it's position on any possibility scale is unknown, did you mean to say that they don't worry about this and just go ahead and attempt it?

And by the way, what's the thing we non-Doers were supposed to consider possibly not possible that Doers just tackle because, hey, they're Doers?  As near as I can tell, it's scraping rust off a bike.  Raise your hand if you weren't sure this was possible.  I guess there are more of us Doers than I thought.

*Nike's legal team called.  They'd like to talk to you about this whole "just do it" crap.


  1. I already hate Sears Optical for their other ad in which a father and son are shown breaking their glasses over and over again (or at least the boy is) with the boy walking in after each of their eyeglass-breaking adventures whining "Mooooom?"

    Because the point of that one is that you need to be prepared for boys to break their glasses, because BOYS WILL BE BOYS and thus they will break their eyeglasses.

    Girls, of course, NEVER break their eyeglasses, because they are not adventurous or risk-takers or accident-havers. ONLY boys.


    1. How do you break your glasses while playing with Barbies and plastic babies? ;>)

      Besides, little girls don't need glasses- they don't wear their eyes out reading like boys do- too busy picking out frilly dresses....;>)