Saturday, April 11, 2015

Idiots Without A Country?

There's not a whole lot to say about these Taco Bell "Breakfast Defector" commercials.  Apparently we've all been citizens of a country which requires us to eat eggs and sausage and cheese on biscuits wrapped in greasy paper served up on plastic trays at McDonald's, Burger King, etc- and we didn't even know it.

Yet it must be the case, because all of these ads feature people who call themselves "Breakfast Defectors"- they aren't "defectors" because they started eating their breakfasts at home, saving both money, calories and arteries.  Nope, they are "defectors" because now instead of eating disgusting junk served on a biscuit, they are eating disgusting junk served in a taco.  I'm not sure this means that they are still living in the United States- they seem to exist in a sepia tone universe in which only fatty, salty crap purchased at taco bell has any color- or in a country even more obsessed with empty calories and DVRing everything (Canada?)

Anyway, since I don't eat breakfast at McDonald's (just because things aren't going so great doesn't mean I'm going to actively engage in shortening my life) I guess I've been a defector for a long time.  Still not eating tacos for breakfast though.

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  1. Playoffs are coming. This is the last bozo a Cavs fan wants to see on a Taco Bell commercial. Just saying.