Friday, April 17, 2015

Subaru's Legacy is just one stupid ad after another

1.  Is this really "easier" than just fixing the toy car or buying a new one?  Driving around like an idiot, wasting a lot of gas, and risking a rollover or other accident rather than just telling the kid that he'll have to wait until his toy is fixed or can be replaced?

2.  How does the guy in the car know when to turn right or left- he can't possibly have any idea how his kid is manipulating the remote contro.  And if he's just doing it randomly, how does the kid get any satisfaction out of watching his dad act like a dangerous idiot with a real car?

3. What's the lesson being taught to the little kids in this commercial?  Is it

A)  Cars are toys, to be used in reckless, stupid ways on a whim?

B)  Driving like a lunatic is fun fun fun (so much fun, in fact, that it can make dad totally forget that his two small children are standing nearby?) or

C)  If you put on a really sad face, you can manipulate your dad into acting like a freaking puppet on a string to wipe that sad sad little face away?

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