Wednesday, July 8, 2015

American Flag Not Included

Here's another ad for one of those We'll Help You Keep Your House Even If You Aren't Paying For It Anymore "services."  I know it's mean, but they always kind of make me laugh- like the "behind in your taxes?" ads, the general message seems to be "just because you signed a contract doesn't mean you should have to abide by it."

The nice couple sitting on their lawn with a showy American flag in the background is clearly interested in "protecting their home" against the nasty, mean old bank which is unfairly asking them to follow through on a legal commitment and Simply Doesn't Understand That Hey Things Happen like living beyond your means- it's not like they didn't INTEND to pay the bill, they just Can't Because!  So they need a Legal Team to keep the Awful Horrible Bank off their backs.  I am not sure how this is "protecting their home"- their home doesn't seem to be in any danger.  It looks like it's perfectly safe.  Might have different people living in it soon, but perfectly safe.

As a renter who will have to inherit a house to ever own one, I have to admit I have very little compassion for people who buy houses or anything else that they can't pay for.  I know, crap happens.  But that's life.  If you buy a house and can't make the payments, how is that any different from if I buy a car and can't make payments?  The deal is simply off at that point, and I have no business complaining when the bank shows up and takes "my" car back.  Same with Bob and Suzy here, sitting on "their" lawn in front of "their" house.  It's only your house if you can pay for it, Bob and Suzy.  And if you can't?  There are apartments available on my street.  You can even bring that American Flag and fly it from your window if you want.

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