Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sandals Presents: The non-problems of Pretty White People

So...John and Suzy are so filthy-rich, clueless and entitled that they flew off for a vacation to Sandals and they BOTH forgot their wallets?  Let me guess- the servants who are usually in charge of the packing were given the day off?  I mean, WTF?

Anyway, No Worries (as usual) for John and Suzy (who apparently remembered their passports, because even John and Suzy need to show offical Government ID when they board planes, right?  Hell, maybe not...) because at Sandals, everything is included in your (I'm sure) well-earned vacation package- all your meals, all your liquor, all your entertainment-- all your souveniers?  Meh, John and Suzy don't look like they've got children, so who needs souveneirs anyway?

I get what this is supposed to be saying- "hey, you don't need money at Sandals, everything's included- you just need money to book your dream vacation.  Don't lose your wallet when you are doing that, otherwise as far as we're concerned, you might as well be poor and ugly rather than rich and pretty."

But I shudder to think who this ad is actually made for- people who are somehow very wealthy while also being stunningly careless and stupid.  Maybe the same kind of people who are in the market for cars with rearview cameras and laned-drift detectors.  Maybe the same kind of people who are in the market for Find Your Car Apps and phones which tell you how to locate your own living room.

Because, seriously- John and Suzy both forgot their wallets?  REALLY?  I have a strong suspicion that John and Suzy are trust-fund babies, or than one of them is named Hilton.  Because- man, that is gold-plated careless.

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  1. Great. What a lovely image...."Sandals: the official resort of stupid rich people."